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Noree Woodard

Thanks for visiting the Nippers Studio Website!

I have created and sold clay ornaments, figurines and jewelry for many years . My educational background includes commercial art studies at Ferris State University and taking many other classes specializing in illustrating, clay sculpture and watercolors from the Kalamazoo (MI) Institute of Art, Ella Sharp Museum (Jackson, MI) and Dickinson State University (ND). 


My entrepreneurial abilities started to emerge in high school when I operated a lunchroom business that sold handmade leather items. That success led to a college enterprise in which I used my skills to create watercolor paintings, plus pen and ink drawings, that were sold to several gift stores in Michigan and Illinois. 

I perfected the "Nippers" whimsical style by creating clay sculptures, jewelry and garden statues that I sold at art and craft fairs across the United States for the last 35 years. 


I operated several gift stores over the last few decades and recently closed the store in Marshall (MI). My husband and I still travel and participate in art shows all over the country.  

I always have enjoyed making people smile and laugh when they take a close look at my Nippers characters.   I hope you enjoy them as well.

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